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15-Jun-2020, 08:26 pm

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Promotions Calendar: When are the major events in FUT?

FIFA Ultimate Team Mbappe

Every few weeks, EA Sports releases new promotions featuring upgraded player cards, objectives, Squad Building Challenges and much more.

These include events like FUT Birthday, FUTmas, Ultimate Scream and even Team of the Season.

During these events, special squads are available in packs, so many gamers will save up their packs in the hoping of opening an upgraded playerwhen there is a promotion running.

One of the biggest events in the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar hasyet to be launched, with FUTTIES due in the next few months.

The Team of the Knockout Stage is usually released around the semi-final stage of the Champions League and Europa League, which have been indefinitely postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the lack of competitive football, EA Sports replaced Team of the Week with Team of the Week Moments, highlighting standout performances from the past.

It is expected that they could also create other new promotions in the absence of real-life footballor perhaps bring back previous events.

Team of the Year is one of the biggest events of the FIFA calendar with Team of the Season coming close behind with regards to both hype and high-rated players.

FIFA 20 saw Team of the Year launch in January 2020, while Team of the Season arrives each season in late April or early May.

The Team of the Season promotion begins with the Community Team of the Season featuring players who have not been included in Team of the Week during the season. This is chosen by the FIFA Community, using fan sitesFuthead andFUTWIZ.

With no football happening during April and May in many countries due to coronavirus, Team of the Season was renamed in FIFA 20 to Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) and launched on April 24.

FUTTIES is usually the last big event in the FIFA calendar before a new version of FIFA is released. It celebrates the best content from Ultimate Team over the past year as well as providing new exciting players to help inject more variety into people's squads.

Gamers get to vote from various shortlists for special FUTTIES players, choosing from different categories such as pace, skills or even position changes. FUTTIES also sees the re-release of special items as well as bringing back popular Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

FUTTIES is set to launch in mid-July and usually runs for a month. In FIFA 19, FUTTIES arrived on July 19 and came to consoles on July 20 in FIFA 18. As a result, it should either arrive on Friday, July 17 or July 24 in FIFA 20.

EA Sports usually releases each FIFA promotion around the same time each year, so it becomes easier to predict when each event will launch in the new game.

The calendar below shows when each event occurred in the last three editions of FIFA.

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